Breakfast Strata

Easy recipe to make the night before and just heat up in the morning


Rich peanut butter and chocolate buckeyes

Cranberry or Blueberry Bread

This recipe came from the back of the Ocean Spray Cranberry bag and was slightly modified. I also use this same recipe and swap the cranberries with blueberries for a blueberry bread.

Enchilada Lasagna
Finger Jello

Jack's favorite

Garlic Hummus

Serve with tortilla chips or warmed up naan/pita bread, carrots, and cucumbers.


Fluffy pancakes from scratch. Dry ingredients are 7.75oz

Patty's Stuffing

Mom's world famous stuffing

Potato Pancakes

Stolen from Smitten Kitchen:

Red Bean Chili

Delicious red bean chili


Mix and match the fruits to whatever you like

Spicy Black Bean Soup

Spicy, delicious, and healthy soup

Sticky Buns
White Chicken Chili

Easy and delicious white chicken chili that you can put in the slow cooker