A listing of some favorite blogs

Unifi USG Dual Wan

I had a brief period when switching internet providers to have both services at the same time so I thought this would be a great time to try out the Dual WAN feature on the Ubiquiti USG. Turns out the feature worked suprisingly well and was easy to setup.

Installing VSFTPD on Ubuntu 14.04 Amazon EC2 Instance

Note: I had a brand new server and needed to run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade before installing the server to get all packages up to date. These steps don't take into account best practice security considerations. These are merely basic steps to get an FTP server up and running quickly.

Drupal Module - QR Code Generator

I created a simple Drupal module that will allow someone to enter in their contact information and generate a QR code that can then be scanned in to quickly and easily add someone's information to their address book.

Drupal FeedAPI Link Alter Module

I've released a new module for Drupal that integrates with the FeedAPI module and is called FeedAPI Link Alter

Simple IPTables Commands

For the life of me I can't seem to remember these simple commands to edit IPTables so I just wanted to document the few that I seem to be using the most:

Backing up Drupal Sites with AutoMySQLBackup and Duplicity

Once everything is up and running smooth on the drupal site it is time for the warm fuzzy feeling of backups. Naturally, everyone has their own way of doing things and mine is to use a script called AutoMySQLBackup in conjunction with Duplicity and Amazon S3.

Move Drupal Site to Another Server Via Command Line

There are many times, for one reason or another, that I need to transfer a Drupal website from one server to another. I was used to using tools like Filezilla and phpMyAdmin to get most of the heavy lifting done, but after doing this many times I've found the command line to be my friend.

Drupal Kiva Module

I've been using Drupal for quite a while (since verion 4.x) both as a hobby and building websites for clients. Most of the stuff I've done has been configuration of available modules coupled with my own personal module and theme tweaks, but never anything public to the community. Now I've decided to get more involved and am the co-maintainer (along with CrookedNumber) of a new kiva module that aims to integrate Drupal with the Kiva API.

Miscellaneous Dropbox Uses

When I first heard about dropbox I thought, "oh, here's another file sharing service...great." Boy was I wrong - what a simple and useful service. I won't go into the basic uses of the software - those have been documented enough. I'd like to explore the more "clever" uses that are possible.

Logmein ActiveX Registry

I ran into a problem with LogMeIn where I couldn't access my remote/target computer through ActiveX connections - only through the Java connection. When I tried to connect through ActiveX I would get access to the desktop and then after a couple of mouse clicks LogMeIn would "freeze up". I couldn't click on the screen to open programs, close windows, etc. From talking to LogMeIn support they said a possibility was that I was doubled NAT'ed and Java was better at negotiating those type of connections. I knew that wasn't the case because I only had 1 router in between the connection. It turns out there is a registry key that can be edited so you longer experience LogMeIn freezing up when connecting through ActiveX. I really prefer the ActiveX connection because it gives you more options and seems to work a lot quicker (especially upon first connect). So, if you are experiencing the same problem where ActiveX is not working, but Java is, try editing the following registry key: