Drupal Module - QR Code Generator

I created a simple Drupal module that will allow someone to enter in their contact information and generate a QR code that can then be scanned in to quickly and easily add someone's information to their address book.

There is a dependency to the Chart Module that uses Google's API to generate the QR code image.

There is a demo you can check out here to generate your own: QR Code Generator

Note: this is more or less a simple proof of concept and hasn't been released. If you're looking for a full-featured module check this one out Mobile Codes


Can you give me the link of the module? I really need it badly. I would like to auto generate QR codes from entered information on my content type, just like what's on your demo. There is a certain module called Bar Code but it only generate inputted information on a field which is, quite gross. Thank you so much.

Hi Steve, Sdykman.com in one word is awesome. I have learn quite a few things by reading the content and looking at the projects. Our company in the process of moving our site to drupal platform. Drupal is new to us and we are still learning for a smooth ways to migrate to it. We are planning implement some experimental code modules in the site. I am just curious in what stage you have QR Code Generator for address book? I'm looking forward to your candid response. Awaiting your reply and have a great weekend :) Michael G., OCR development team

Here is a link to the module that you can download and check out: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1235097/mecard.zip Note that in the admin settings there is an option for the Vcard format and Mecard format. The demo on this site uses the Mecard format...I don't believe the Vcard format is working correctly.

Love it!